php - Want to get array value


I have an array like below.

Here, I am getting arraykey like[_aDeviceTokens:protected] => Array.

$array= ApnsPHP_Message Object
        [_bAutoAdjustLongPayload:protected] => 1
        [_aDeviceTokens:protected] => Array
                [0] => BD74940085E1579333E93B7D172CF82F5A3E0B17617D904107CD77573C42CEC9

        [_sText:protected] => test
        [_nBadge:protected] => 1
        [_sSound:protected] => default
        [_sCategory:protected] => 
        [_bContentAvailable:protected] => 
        [_aCustomProperties:protected] => Array
                [channel_id] => 1xxxx8
                [detail_id] => 1

        [_nExpiryValue:protected] => 1500
        [_mCustomIdentifier:protected] => 

As an array have object value so I am trying to get value of this key like,


But this gives me an error.

So how can I achieve the value of these array keys?




It seems you are trying to access protected properties of an object that you are treating like an array.

Looking at the code here:

There are publically accessible 'getters' for those attributes.

Extract of class ApnsPHP_Message:

public function getCustomIdentifier()
        return $this->_mCustomIdentifier;

So instead of trying to access those properties as you have been, use the corresponding getter.

$custom_identifier = $message->getCustomIdentifier();



Convert object to array.

$array = json_decode(json_encode($array),true);

Now, you get value from $array like this


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