php - What ever happened to PHPUnit's Database Extension?


After upgrading to PHPUnit v > 3.5 (I forgot) I kept on getting this error because I imported PHPUnit/Extensions/Database/TestCase.php:

require_once(...): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

I peeked at the PHPUnit folder in my /usr/share/php folder only to find out it isn't there anymore.

In fact a look at the official source code reveals that it seems it has been removed.

So for now I am using version 3.4.15. But it's not ideal as assertions on the table are still not supported. For now I am only able to use the CLEAN_INSERT feature which populates my database.




Your installation seems broken. PHPUnit 3.5 got split up in more seperate packages.

Usepear install phpunit/dbUnit to install that part.

Package overview:

Or to reinstall everything use:pear install --force --alldeps phpunit/phpunit

2013 update:

Just use to install PHPUnit. It's less hassle.




Use this

pear install phpunit/PHPUnit_Story



I solved this by installing db unit manually. I downloaded it from here. Then I replaced the incomplete Extensions/Database folder with the one from the download.




For those that are running macports, you will have to install the php5-unit-db port to get the needed files. This did help me start looking in the right direction. This dep was not installed by default.




This should solve all problems with installing PHPUnit:

pear install --alldeps --force phpunit/PHPUnit



On the current stable PHPUnit (4.5), DbUnit is an optional package that can be installed with Composer:

(click the "Composer" hyperlink if you're not familiar with Composer--I wasn't and it was easy to set up in about 10 minutes)

I struggled before I found that, but was running with an older version of PHPUnit, and had it in a few places, so I removed it from /usr/local/bin and /usr/bin and then followed the instructions "To globally install the PHAR" found here:

I didn't have much luck using pear to install PHPUnit.

(I'm on a Mac running Yosemite).

People are also looking for solutions to the problem: php - curl_multi_exec shows different runs


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