php - Whoops, looks like something went wrong, laravel


I get free host from and it was working fine, but after two weeks i get the error "Whoops, looks like something went wrong". I use laravel framework for php.
Can anyone help me?




First of all, inconfig/app.php set debug totrue or in your .env file setAPP_DEBUG=true. This should turn on the debugging errors On on your server. If errors are still not visible, tryphp artisan config:clear for making changes to take effect. You may also checkstorage/logs/laravel.log for errors.

Possible problems are:

  • Your server's configurations does not meet the Laravel's requirements.
  • Laravel does not have read/write access tobootstrap/cache folder.
  • Project dependencies not installed or not supported.



I get the solution :

  • First i go to app.php and change the value of APP_DEBUG = true
  • I get the error name " No application key generated "
  • I run codephp artisan key:generate

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