php - Why does the "echo" statement support outputting multiple arguments in a single line and the "echo" function does not?


In PHP you can output multiple arguments at once with theecho statement like this:

echo "Mangoes", " ", "are", " ", "tasty.";

When you try to do the same with theecho function like this:

echo("Mangoes", " ", "are", " ", "tasty.");

You get a error, why is this so?
Could this be because PHP wants you to use string concatenation instead of multiple arguments?

Thank you in advance.





when you callecho() its mean you call the function ofecho(). The echo just has one parameterecho(_string_). SO when you include the , sign in the bracket of echo parameter, so it means you make echo function has more than one parameter. So you are not allowed to do like thisecho("Mangoes", " ", "are", " ", "tasty.");

Please see this

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