php - Wrong table formatting for sqlserver grammar


I am using the Laravel query builder for fetching some data from a sqlsrv database. The table I am looking for isdbo.[Reukema Blocq Maneschijn BV$Time Slot (Weighbridge)]. Not my choice. The database is developed by an other company.

I keep getting aGeneral error: 20018 Invalid object name error when executing my query. I double checked the name for typos but I couldn't find one.

What I did find was a problem in compiling the query. This is my code to test the problem:

$query = $connection->query()
    ->from('Reukema Blocq Maneschijn BV$Time Slot (Weighbridge)')

When I dump the$query, I get the following:

string(67) "select * from [Reukema Blocq Maneschijn BV$Time Slot ](Weighbridge)"

The] is in the wrong place here.

This problem keeps existing, even when I'm using theraw() helper:

$query = $connection->query()
    ->from($connection->raw('dbo.[Reukema Blocq Maneschijn BV$Time Slot (Weighbridge)]'))

Even in this last example, the] moves from the end of the string, to just before the(.

Why is this? Am I missing an important rule/mechanic for compiling sqlsrv queries?

The following code does work. That makes it extra weird for me:

$connection->select('select [Time Slot] as [id] from [Reukema Blocq Maneschijn BV$Time Slot (Weighbridge)]');

So I think there is something wrong in the[email protected] method. Why does Laravel compile it like this?




Personally, I would highly recommend changing the object's name; that is an awful choice. If you can't do this, perhaps create a synonym that is far more "usable". For Example:

CREATE SYNONYM dbo.WeighbridgeSlot FOR dbo.[Reukema Blocq Maneschijn BV$Time Slot (Weighbridge)];

Then in your application code call the synonym instead:

$query = $connection->query()



After doing some tests with xDebug. I found the issue. It's theIlluminate\Database\Query\Grammars\[email protected] method.

Laravel mistakenly sees my table name as a table valued function. That's why the compilation of the query isn't working correctly.

The fix I used for now is a little bit dirty:

$query = $connection->query()
    ->from('Reukema Blocq Maneschijn BV$Time Slot (Weighbridge) as time_slots')

By adding a alias to the end of myfrom method, the table name get's compiled in an other way. This prevents the table valued function compilation.

I'm not sure if I should report this as a bug. Or if the table name I have to work with simply is invalid.

Edit: I reported the bug and created a fix. You can find the issue (and PR) here

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