php - XAMPP iframe not working inside localhost


I am trying to use an iframe to embed a pdf into a webpage. for some reason the pdf wont display (appears blank) and i'm prompted to download the file. This happens when i run the code from localhost server. however if i run the code outside localhost the iframe displays the pdf doc as it should. i have also tried using<embed> ,<object> and pdf.js they all gave the same outcome.


echo'<div class="main_content_view">
<iframe  src="pdf/pdf1.pdf" id="pdf_content"
width="700px" height="800px">

i've also tried adding$cfg['AllowThirdPartyFraming'] = true; to the and it still didnt work. Any ideas on how i could get the pdf to display in localhost as it does when i right click and open the php directly with a browser?




The thing is probably that a simple iFrame does not support viewing a PDF file. And afaik PDF.js is only for Firefox browser but I am not entirely sure about that. What you can try is PDFObject. This lets you dynamically embed your PDF in HTML documents using JS.

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