php - XPath query in an XPath query


how can a start a second and third XPatch query in an XPatch query?
For example

CodePad =


<div >                
  <h3 >
      <a href="/tste/?sd=28726585"> 
        <span > 10:15 </span> 
        <span >THE TITLE<span >some subtitle</span>
<div >                
  <h3 >
      <a href="/tste/?sd=287265995"> 
        <span > 10:16 </span> 
        <span >THE TITLE 2<span >some subtitle</span>


$doc = new DOMDocument;
$doc->preserveWhiteSpace = false;
$doc->strictErrorChecking = false;
$doc->recover = true;
$xpath = new DOMXPath($doc);

$query = "//div[@class='entries']"; // <- QUERY ONE

$entries = $xpath->query($query);
$list = array();

$count = 0;
foreach ($entries as $key => $value)
    $list[$count] = array();

    // get the link <- QUERY TWO
    $list[$count]['url'] =  $xpath->query("//a[@class='selink']");

    // get the title but NOT the subtitle <- QUERY THREE
    $list[$count]['title'] = $xpath->query("//span[@class='titel']");





$xpath->query($expr) is executed on the whole document each call within the loop because you don't pass the document node the XPath query should be evaluated in relatively.

With the polymorphic method DOMNodeList query(string $expr, DOMNode $node) you can do a sub query relative to the given $node. This method produces the desired result only if you use a relative XPath $expr (without leading /). To retrieve the string from each DOMNode/TextNode finally use the queries as follows:

$list[$count]['url'] = $xpath->query("h3/div/a[@class='selink']/@href", $value)->item(0)->value;
$list[$count]['title'] = $xpath->query("h3/div/a/span[@class='titel']/text()", $value)->item(0)->wholeText;

I edited your CodePad code here.

regards, Max

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