reflection - Php, how to get parameters as a string (as I got?)



$this->method ('1', 2, array(1,2,3), $this);

function method()

inmethod(), I want to get parameters just as I got them. I could use this:

foreach (func_get_args() as $item)

but thats not good this time. I simply want to get this string:

'1', 2, array(1,2,3), $this

is there any way?




This is an approximation. You could open the code file for read and fetch the row containing the code as well.debug_backtrace() gives you the call stack with the information you need, e.g. code file name, line and name of function call.

function test()
  $trc = debug_backtrace();
  var_dump($trc); //See here what information you can obtain.
  echo preg_replace('~^\[(.*)]$~', '$1',  json_encode( $trc[0]['args'] ));

test('1',2, array(1,2,3), 'some string');

"1",2,[1,2,3],"some string"

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