regex - By using PHP preg_match, how to get specific substring from string


I would like to get substring:


from the below string:


usingPHPpreg_match function.

Please may somebody help me?

Thank you.




Preg_match from / to _.

$str = "blur/blur/myPhotoName_20170818_111453.jpg";
Preg_match("/.*\/(.*?)_.*(\..*)/", $str, $match);

Echo $match[1] . $match[2];

I use.*? to match anything between the slash and underscore lazy to make sure it doesn't match all the way to the last underscore.
Edited to make greedy match anything before the /

Performance of regex:
enter image description here

Since it's such a simple pattern you can also use normal substr with strrpos.
Edited to use strrpos to get the last /

$str = "blur/blur/myPhotoName_20170818_111453.jpg";
$pos = strrpos($str, "/")+1; // position of /
$str = substr($str, $pos, strpos($str, "_")-$pos) . substr($str, strpos($str, "."));
// ^^ substring from pos to underscore and add extension

Echo $str;

Performnce of substring:
enter image description here

My conclusion
Regex is not suitable for this type of job as it's way to slow for such a simple substring pattern.




Do like this:

$arr = "path/myPhotoName_20170818_111453.jpg";
$res = explode('_',explode('/',$arr)[1])[0];

Use explode function in place of preg_match for easily get your expected output. And using preg_match, do like this:

$img = "path/myPhotoName_20170818_111453.jpg";
preg_match("/path\/(.+)\_[0-9]*\_[0-9]*\.jpg/", $img, $folder);

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