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I have several strings that look like this:

Jones & Jon

I am trying to send them via the foursquare API to be matched, however it is failing with these characters. Is there a way to sanitise these so they only include English letters i.e. the results would be:

Jones Jon

As it appears usingfile_get_contents requests both with the 'é' and the '&' in the URL is causing issues.

I checked how the request was sent and realised that the '&' is uneeded and is causing the issues, is it possible to remove all non Letters/Numbers from the name?




What do the strings look like before you pass them? If your string looks like 'Lasklé' then I think you are using the wrong character set when reading the string, try using UTF-8.

If the string looks correct before you pass it on you should try urlencode the string first.




you can use preg_replace() function to replace the part of string using regex

to keep only letters you can use as follow it will also remove space( add \s from expression to keep space)


to keep space in the string or any character to keep you can add it in []




Use this to escape (space and '-'). Good for making a custom URL

$string=preg_replace("/[^A-Za-z0-9\s\/\-]/", '', $string);

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