regex - word boundary on non latin characters in php


This example works fine:

echo preg_replace("/\bI\b/u", 'we', "I can"); // we can

This one were russian letters are used does not work even though I use "u" modifier:

echo preg_replace("/\bЯ\b/u", 'мы', 'Я могу'); // still "Я могу"

So the question is what should I do to fix this?




In PCRE (the library used bypreg_replace),\b refers only to word boundaries in an ASCII sense, i.e., only[a-zA-Z0-9_] are word characters.

If you want to match aЯ character that has no letters, digits or_ immediately before or after, you can use:


You still have to use theu modifier.




Word boundaries are often counter-intuitive.

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