Return first n values of associative PHP array?


I have a PHP array which after sorting looks like:

Array ( [542] => 30 [588] => 29.77 [409] => 19.9 [237] => 19.47 [457] => 17.73 [410] => 15.86);

The actual array is quite long. Initially, the keys were set sequentially like 0, 1, 2... Then I sorted the array and now the array looks like the array above. When I tried to print the first element if this sorted array using echo$engagement[0], I did not get the value 30. To get 30 I had to use$engagement[542]. But I have no way of knowing what might be the first key in this sorted array. How can I print first n key and value pairs of this sorted array?

Let me know if I need to be more clear with my explanation. :)




You need to usearray_slice() for slice your array at a fixed length and then usearray_keys.

$length = 50;
$start = 0;
$new_arr = array_slice($engagement, $start, $length);
$keys = array_keys($new_arr);
foreach($keys as $key){
    echo $new_arr[$keys[$key]];

Without thearray_keys:

foreach($new_arr as $key => $value){
    echo $key." => ".$value;

Remember to usetrue when you don't use thearray_keys like:

$new_arr = array_slice($engagement, $start, $length, true);

More about: array_slice

If you don't use the true the slice array index will be reset and you lose the keys.


As you are asking for only the array keys, By default array_slice reset the array keys, if you want to preserve then you need to use true as the forth parameter of array_slice.

$new_arr = array_slice($engagement, $start, $length, true);
$keys = array_keys($new_arr); // here is the list of the keys



try something like this ...

$test = array('29.58', '21.78', '56.258', '10.145', '98.23', '20', '78.32', '112', '5.64', '55.26');

$count = 0;
foreach($test as $key => $val)
    if($count <=5)
        echo " [".$key."] => ".$val."\t";

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