Same Javascript code, unique outputs with PHP


I have the following Javascript:

function myFunction() { 
    document.write("Hello StackOverFlow users!");

Is any recommended/fast way to encode/encrypt/minify/pack the JavaScript using PHP so the output be different every time (using a random string to pack the js or anything similar)?
I just want the same function, that would do the same thing every time but with different JavaScript code each time.




As most packers/compressors always use the same algorithm without any seed you might try to add some random js garbage before and after the function itself.

function getRandomGarbage(){
  return "\nfunction " . uniqid() . "(){}\n";
$myJsFunction = "... put your js here ";
//You can send the following to a php js compressor or pack it yourself
echo getRandomGarbage() . $myJsFunction . getRandomGarbage();



Create random string function in PHP

 * Create a random string
 * @author  XEWeb <>
 * @param $length the length of the string to create
 * @return $str the string
function randomString($length = 6) {
    $str = "";
    $characters = array_merge(range('A','Z'), range('a','z'), range('0','9'));
    $max = count($characters) - 1;
    for ($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++) {
        $rand = mt_rand(0, $max);
        $str .= $characters[$rand];
    return $str;

Then modify your js function as follow

    //assign php variable to js variable
    function myFunction() { 
        var randomString=<?php echo randomString(10);?>

This will allow you to write random string each time JS function is called

[PHP function taken from '']

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