singleton - Loading a php class once


I am trying to get the php classBase to load only once for a custom MVC framework. So that i can close the database connection in the destructor and be able to use it in inheritance but I can't seem to figure it out. I looked at a singleton design here but i cant figure out how to load the database. Is there a way to get this working or perhaps a better way to do this. Or am i going about this in a totally stupid way and should change it?

Base class

class Base {
    protected $db;
    public function Base(){
        echo some unique id to test it worked
        $db = connection to database

    //load modules as needed
    public function load($m){
        $this->$m = new $m;

module class

class module extends Base {
    //some random function
    public function listing(){

the index.php which initializes the Base class

 $main = new Base;
 $main->load( 'module' );

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