sql - PHP filter attachment more fast solution?


In my database i have a table for orders and sometime i need to attach files at one specific order.

I find two way for doing this job :

1) storing a file into the attachement dir with manipulated name es. 12-user01-nameoffile.pdf where 12 is number order and after filter all the content of the attachment dir

2) create a db table for storing the attachment information into column orderID. username, filename and filter with sql query

Witch is the more (or best) fast solution for the future when there are many files into the attachment dir ?


$directory = ($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/orders/attachments/");
if (is_dir($directory)) {
   if ($directory_handle = opendir($directory)) {
      while (($file = readdir($directory_handle)) !== false) {
          if((!is_dir($file))&($file!=".")&($file!="..")) { 
              $attachments = explode('-', $file) ;
                 if($attachments[0] == $_SESSION['orderId']) {

If $rowcount >0 i show an icon with link for the page with attachments list filterd.

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