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I need help on below statement. I need to putWHERE items.IID = 8 so that it shows only details pertaining to IID number 8. But when I useWHERE items.IID = 8, it is not working. I have to use this type of join as I want to do Sum and Count of some fields. There are 3 tables. 1st isitems, 2nd isItemPurchaseHistory and 3rd isItemIssuedHistory.

SELECT items.IID, items.ItemName, ItemPurchaseHistorySum.SumOfUnitsPurchased, ItemPurchaseHistorySum.SumOfCost,
FROM items

LEFT JOIN (SELECT IID, SUM(UnitsPurchased) AS SumOfUnitsPurchased, SUM(Cost) AS SumOfCost
FROM ItemPurchaseHistory
GROUP BY IID) ItemPurchaseHistorySum ON ItemPurchaseHistorySum.IID = items.IID

LEFT JOIN (SELECT IID, Count(UnitsPurchased) AS CountOfUnitsPurchased
FROM ItemPurchaseHistory
GROUP BY IID) ItemPurchaseHistoryCount ON ItemPurchaseHistoryCount.IID = items.IID

LEFT JOIN (SELECT IID, SUM(UnitsIssued) AS SumOfUnitsIssued
FROM ItemIssuedHistory
GROUP BY IID) ItemIssuedHistorySum ON ItemIssuedHistorySum.IID = items.IID

WHERE item.IID = $_GET['id']


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