syntax - PHP: what is actually "parameter 1" in warnings?


This may be a basic PHP syntax question, but I could not get any results from search. So, in warning or error messages, what does actually "parameter 1" mean? Like in this example:

Warning: imagecopyresized() expects parameter 1 to be resource, integer given in ...

It is not to solve this special warning, but my question is, to what parameter 1 refers to. Is it imagecopyresized(parameter1,parameter2,...)? Or are these called arguments? I could not really understand the wikipedia article about parameters (




imagecopyresized($a, $b, $c);

$a isparameter 1.$b isparameter 2,$c is ... well I think you got it.




Yes, "parameter 1" refers to the first argument (aka parameter) that was passed to the function.




The terms arguments and parameters are used interchangeably. Take a look at this php page which talks about them and you will notice they use both terms.

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