Why doesn't a PHP regex return an array?


My code is supposed to return an array containing a weather summary, but does not.

How can I make this work?

This is part of a course I'm taking onUdemy.com; my code exactly matches my instructor's, but doesn't return the same results.

I didn't find any syntax errors so there is something else that I'm either missing or nescient of..


preg_match('3 Day Weather Forecast Summary:<\/b><span class="phrase">(.*?)</s', $contents, $matches);




You have to add some delimeter around your regex to seperate it from (possible) modifiers. You could use any char you want - ie/ - but as you use this chars inside your regex it would maybe be easier to use something different like the tilde~


preg_match('~3 Day Weather Forecast Summary:<\/b><span class="phrase">(.*?)</s~', $contents, $matches);


Just tested your regex and it seems, the html of the page doesn't match your expression. I slightly modified it as follows:

3 Day Weather Forecast Summary:<\/b>.*?<span class="phrase">([^<]+)

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