Why encoding a string in php and in java is different from each other?



function encrypt($string) 
        $key_para = "AIBL_#0#[email protected]";
        $result = '';
        $test = "";
        for($i=0; $i<strlen($string); $i++) 
            $char = substr($string, $i, 1);                     
            $a = ($i % strlen($key_para))-1;
            $keychar = substr($key_para, $a, 1);

            $inte = ord($char)+ord($keychar); 
            echo $i.'=';
            echo $inte;
            echo '</br>';                  
            $char = chr($inte);

    echo '</br>';
    echo $result;
    $base64t = base64_encode($result);
    $res = urlencode($base64t);
    $f_data = str_replace("%", "_", $res);

    return $f_data;


public static String encrypt(String str) throws UnsupportedEncodingException
    String key_para= "AIBL_#0#[email protected]";
    String result ="";
    for(int i=0; i < str.length(); i++)
        char ch = str.charAt(i);
        int a = (i % key_para.length()) -1 ;
        char keyChar ;
        if(a < 0) {
            keyChar = key_para.charAt(key_para.length()+a);
            } else if(a > 0) {
            keyChar = key_para.charAt(a);
            } else {
            keyChar = key_para.charAt(0);
        int temp = ((int) ch + (int) keyChar);
        ch = (char) temp;
        result += ch;
    String enc=java.util.Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString(result.getBytes());
    String res = URLEncoder.encode(enc, "UTF-8");
    String f_data = res.replace('%','_') ;
    return f_data;

String to be encrypted:


Output should be:


Java Output:


The logic in both the languages is same but their output is different.
What am I doing wrong?




Your code works well, except for one thing: you're calling without argument:

Encodes this String into a sequence of bytes using the platform's default charset, storing the result into a new byte array.

That's why my output was different than yours.

To fix this, you need to specify the encoding of the bytes. If you specify the ISO 8859-1 charset, it'll work as expected.


If you want to avoid encoding problems, you'd better use bytes instead of characters. A character is in fact a different concept, and needs its own encoding to be represented in bytes. So you could replaceString result byList<Byte> or other form of byte buffer.

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