wordpress - Combine these basic php functions


I need to add these two php functions<?php the_field('city'); ?> and<?php the_field('country'); ?> into the function below in place of the$city and$country variables.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[forecast location="' . $city . ' , ' . $country. '" caption="" numdays="3" iconset="Cartoon" class="css_table_class" cache="true"]'); ?>

Would appreciate any help my PHP isn't very good at all and I keep getting erros.





the_field outputs the field value instead of returning it. You needget_the_field:

echo do_shortcode(
    '[forecast location="' . get_the_field('city') . ' , ' . get_the_field('country') . 
    '" caption="" numdays="3" iconset="Cartoon" class="css_table_class" cache="true"]'

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