wordpress - How to get the current project name in php code?


I'm new to php. I want to use function get project name but i don't know how. Example:


project name is "first_wordpress".

Pleas help me.

Thanks! Sorry for my english.




This is hard to get because of some reasons:

  • Project name may change
  • Path may be different in your local system or in your web server, so you cant substring your path

What I suggest is to have a config file with some values that are constant in your project and that are going to stay always the same, like your project name.

I would create this:



const PROJECT_NAME = 'first_wordpress';
const SOME_OTHER_CONST = 'whatever';
const FOO = 'bar';


and then include it in the file you need it, for example


include 'constants.php';
echo 'This is my project name '.PROJECT_NAME;

I guess that you are using Wordpress, so your constant file, or config, is called wp-config.php. Try that!

Edit: a user of php.net brings this solution.

I hope it helps!

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