wordpress - Why the php files weren't executed by cron job?


I have 2 cron jobs to run 2 php files, The first one should be executed each 12 hours (twice a day 12am and 12pm), The second one should be executed each 12h:45m (12 hours and 45 minutes).

The Cpanel timezone is EDT (Eastern Daylight Time), I set the cron jobs at 2pm EDT timezone yesterday, Now it's 8:25 am and the files weren't executed.

Here is a screenshot of the cron jobs: Cron Jobs Screenshot

And here is an example from Cpanel: Cron Job Example From Cpanel

When I searched how to do it the command contains-q before the php file path, So I added it, It's not in the command example.

It that the problem or what?

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