Writing Android app in PHP


I am new in this, mainly I do web applications. Now, An App has been handed over to me, and I am quite sure something is missing. The App is supposedly written in php, and the folders in the backup zipped folder are:

actions (php files),
assets (css & images),
database backup,
lib (php files again),
upload (for picture uploads) &
views (a couple of files in css and html)

Thing is,, I have tried to import them in Android studio, but it didn't work out. Tried opening it and it built the gradle for it, and copied the folders in src/main. I have tried to run the app in the AVD but it is not working. The questions are:

  • is the folder format the right one in a handover? I guess it should be complete and I just have to import it easily! or this is what happens when converting from eclipse to android studio?
  • is the steps taken correct? the errors shown after building the gradle are:

    Error:(14, 24) No resource found that matches the given name (at 'label' with value '@string/PaintShop').

Note: (I have made sure that the name in Strings.xml is the same as mentioned in the manifest file.)

Error:Execution failed for task ':app:processDebugResources'. com.android.ide.common.process.ProcessException: org.gradle.process.internal.ExecException: Process 'command 'G:\androidSDK\build-tools\23.0.2\aapt.exe'' finished with non-zero exit value 1

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