Writing xml with php


I don't know where my error comes from, i am new to xml and i need some help. I want to write an xml file using php. I have the following php code:

 $xml = array(); 
 $xml [] = array( 
 'error' => 'ERROR_ID'

 $doc = new DOMDocument(); 
 $doc->formatOutput = true; 

 $r = $doc->createElement( "xml" ); 
 $doc->appendChild( $r ); 

 $parameters = $doc->createElement( "parameters" );    
  $error = $doc->createElement( "error" ); 
 $doc->createTextNode( $xml['error'] ) 
 $parameters->appendChild( $error ); 

 $r->appendChild( $parameters ); 

 echo $doc->saveXML(); 

My xml file should look like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

but the ERROR_ID text node doesn't show up in the file.What went wrong?




First option: replace this line:

$doc->createTextNode( $xml['error'] ) 

With this one:

$doc->createTextNode( $xml [0] ['error'] ) 

Second option: replace this line:

$xml [] = array( 

With this one: (and remove the first line)

$xml = array( 

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